Getting a race team to South America is no task for the faint of heart.

Even though the event doesn’t start until January 2011, everything needs to be shipped in time to clear all the import procedures and land well before the start of the event for shakedowns and checks.

All bikes, spares, tyres and tools need to be planned for in advance and packed away in a logical system to make set up in bivouac as quick and orderly affair.

The container carrying the bikes and nearly all the equipment and spares was shipped from Australia on 1 November and is due to arrive in Buenos Aires on 21 December 2010. The first crew fly in to BA the following day.

Then the real work begins…

Everything has a place in its crate.

Sometimes you just have to wait.

Final touches before they go in the container.

Just about to go down to the Melbourne Bike Expo.

Left hand view of finished CRF450X Rallye

Front view...

The interviews begin.

Rear view showing rear tanks and cockpit.

Detail of driveline.

Detail of fairing and navigation gear mounts.

Detail of main tank and bashplate - left side.

Detail of main tank, engine and exhaust - right side.

Closeup of navigation equipment and cockpit.

Front end from the left.

Everything organised into numbered Pallecons, ready to load into container.

Bikes loaded on to custom built collapsible pallets (thanks Rob!) ready for transport. These can be knocked down and flat packed during the event and then for storage back at home ready for next year.

Tyre bags will end up on the roof of the truck - it's going to be dusty!

The container arrives...

First pallets go in... Now we find out if we measured up correctly!

Planning for lack of sleep, even the obvious is labelled.

No space wasted.

Bikes go in with utmost care. (The Boss does this bit!)

More bikes go in...

Doesn't look like so much work now, but this is the end of months of planning.