At about 4.30 am Argentina time this morning, Simon Harslett received news that has caused him to withdraw from the event. Glenn ferried him immediately back to Buenos Aires so he could fly home and then made it up to Cordoba later in the day. He’s been a little out of touch with the team due to his 1,100km diversion.

The 3 remaining riders all rode well today. The final positions are as follows:

31st place – #113 – Jacob Smith
85th place – #121 – Warren Strange
106th place – #117 – Mark Davidson

Jacob and Warren incurred each a significant time penalty for the special stage due to late check ins at the start line. Both had accidentally missed a turn on the liaison section resulting in their times for the special starting more than 10 minutes before they got there. Upon arrival at the start line they were both waved through straight away so they both knew that they had incurred penalties.

At this stage it looks as if Jacob would have been safely in top ten and Warren also would have placed much higher had they not arrived late. We have not done the maths yet to find out precisely where they would have placed. While they were both frustrated at the mistake, they can take comfort that they are both very much on the pace.

Mark Davidson returned from the special happy with his progress.

Robbie Gordon has pitted right next to GHR in the bivouac overnight. Their support trucks are apparently something to behold. Hopefully we should have some pics from service over the next 10 hours.