Jake’s in!

Jacob Smith and GHR Honda Australia have completed their goal of finishing Dakar 2011. However it remained a bumpy run right to the end…

Hopefully I’ll speak to Jacob in the next hour to find out exactly what happened, but Glenn has already called in with a basic explanation of what transpired in the final competitive stage of the event.

It appears that approximately 6km into the 181km special today Jacob ran off the road at fairly high speed, causing significant damage to the bike. The mission-critical aspect of the crash damage was the hole punched through the radiator. Jacob lost nearly an hour on the first leg as he affected repairs, but most importantly he was able to get the bike over the line. He finished 89th for the stage, giving him 32nd overall for the event. Over the event Jacob lost 13:14:57 – a combination of penalties, component failures, navigation issues and sheer bad luck. While not the result any of the GHR crew wanted, tomorrow he and the team can say with pride that he finished the event in the top third of the field that had shrunk to only half the number of starters.

More as soon as I get to speak to Jake.