Dakar 2013: Spectator videos

The wonders of the digital age mean anyone, anywhere can be a trackside Dakar spectator of sorts. Here are some lo-fi videos from ground zero.

#1 – For those watching the SBS broadcast, these two characters will seem familiar. They were the two helmetless locals astride a dirtbike chasing Nasser Al-Attiyah’s buggy, the passenger with video camera in hand.

#2 – No need to speak french to appreciate this one. For all the obstacles encountered at Dakar, this simple water crossing proved too much for some.

#3 – Some raw footage of the riders finishing one of the sand dune stages.

Vale Allan "Big Al" Wall

Vale “Big Al” Wall

Vale Allan "Big Al" Wall

Vale "Big Al" Allan Wall

It’s with great sadness that GHR must acknowledge the passing of an other significant figure in the team’s history. “Big Al” Allan Wall had visited the Hoffmann family home to wish Glenn well just days before the team left for South America but it wasn’t supposed to be goodbye. Last night he succumbed to thyroid cancer after sudden turn 4 days ago. His presence at all GHR events and tours in the early years will never be forgotten, nor will his contributions every second weekend during the six month build up to GHR’s first three Safari campaigns. While his direct involvement with the team decreased after 2007, his friendship continued all the way to the end. Thanks Al.