Safari 2012 – Prologue

Glenn Hoffmann - Prologue

Safari 2012 – Prologue results

The 22.44km Australasian Safari Prologue for 2012 has been run and won this afternoon at Glengarry Homestead near Geraldton, and the start order for Leg 1 Geraldton to Kalbarri determined. Western Australian local Warren Strange topped the timing aboard his Honda CRF450X at 17.39. Warren has completed a number of Safaris in previous years, and while he’s treating this event as a training exercise for Dakar he’s very pleased with the result.

“This is the best bike I have ever ridden, and certainly the best Honda that GHR have put out. Today I felt really comfortable on it. I could get it to oversteer anytime I wanted and it’s super stable. The fuel is carried about 14 inches lower than any other bike here and there’s no weight on the steering head. It might be heavier than the other bikes here but the balance makes all the difference. I don’t want to take too many risks after paying all my fees for Dakar. I’ll be happy with a top 10 in Safari.”

Todd Smith finished in equal fourth position with Rod Faggotter and Jacob Smith followed them into sixth position. This leaves them with a relatively clear road going into Leg 1 and less of a burden for navigation going into the first day of proper competition. Victorian quad rider topped the quad class with a time of 19.32 and will start 10th on the road.

Placings and times for GHR entrants:

1st #7 Warren Strange – M3.2 – 17.39
=4th #1 Todd Smith – M3.2 – 18.32
6th #2 Jacob Smith – M3.2 – 19.02
11th #8 Brett Cummings (SA) – M2.2 – 19.51
=14th #23 Guy Henley (SA) – M2.2 – 20.26
23rd #10 Mike Johnson (USA) – M3.2 – 22.20
33rd #22 Glen Grundy (SA) – M2.2 – 24.15

1st #92 Paul Smith – Q1.2 – 19.32

21st #178 Glenn Hoffmann – BUGGY – 23.01


Todd Smith - Prologue

Jacob Smith - Prologue

Warren Strange - Prologue

Brett Cummings - Prologue

Mike Johnson - Prologue

Guy Henley - Prologue

Glen Grundy - Prologue

Glenn Hoffmann - Prologue


Safari 2012 – Prologue

The Australasian Safari 2012 is now under way after a wet and blustery ceremonial start at Hillarys Boat Harbour last night. In spite of the foul conditions an enthusiastic crowd gathered to wave the field off.

Safari competitors are currently setting up bivouac at Geraldton and preparing for Prologue, due to start at 14.30 Perth time. GHR entrants are as follows:

#1 Todd Smith (NSW) – M3.2
#2 Jacob Smith (NSW) – M3.2
#7 Warren Strange (WA) – M3.2
#8 Brett Cummings (SA) – M2.2
#10 Mike Johnson (USA) – M3.2
#22 Glen Grundy (SA) – M2.2
#23 Guy Henley (SA) – M2.2

#92 Paul Smith (VIC) – Q1.2

#178 Glenn Hoffmann (NSW) – BUGGY

GHR Honda team riders Todd and Jacob Smith will be the first to leave bivouac, both embarking on an attempt to win a second Safari, but with Todd defending his title from last year. Comments from Todd Smith:
“We’ve changed our bike setup this year and we’re running a new tank configuration. The bike has definitely come forward and both my training and riding have been going well. We just need everything to come together.”

When asked if he was going to challenge his brother Todd this year after coming second to him in 2011, Jacob simply replied, “of course”. There are no family orders, and Jacob would prefer that he and his brother “switch it around” throughout the event to keep it interesting but knows one-two finish is the best outcome for whomever ends up victorious.

Pictures to come…