Some pictures in from the crew covering the last 48 hours.

Tiring work!

Mark Davidson and Jake Smith playing tourist.

GHR clowns...

Clear skies and mountains are a recurrent theme here in Chile.

Another Pacific sunset.

It's hard to guess which way is up with this carcass!

Simon and the The 11 metre tall Mano del Desertio in the Atacama Desert.

Mark Miller's Touareg in service.

The spaceframe construction on these means the rear metalwork under the body is solely for storage.

Seriously tough front end construction on these though!

Race seat removed from #304.

More Aussies!

More sky and more mountains!

First wave of the mass start on Day 9.

They're off! The first 10.

Jake Smith right in centre of shot as he launches off into the desert.

The second wave disappear into the Atacama wilds.

Jake on some of the mining roads mid stage.

More spectators out in the Atacama.

Nalu's Luke McNee gets the shot!

Luke back at work...

These guys have a seriously fun job chasing the field from the air.

Eduard Nikolaev flies past in his Red Bull Kamaz. The trucks were last out into the stage.