Name: Todd Smith

Age: 26

Home town: Condobolin

Years riding: 19

Years racing: 19

First bike: Yamaha PW50

What is your most memorable experience on a dirtbike: Finishing 2nd at Finke in 2010 and my two 2nd place finishes in the Australasian Safari ’09 and ’10

What’s your favourite MacGyver moment to keep a bike going: In last years Safari, I had an unrepairable crack in my radiator so had to baby my bike through a 200km stage with no coolant – it was a huge relief to get to the end of that stage!

Is this your first Safari: No, 2011 will be my fourth.

In 10 words or less why have you entered Safari this year: To have fun and finish one better than last year!

Aiming for a win, place or finish this year: Aiming for a win of course!!

What else are you expecting from the event this year: I’m hoping to have a clean run free of injuries and mechanical problems.