Finally, after days waiting for the workplace demonstrations and blockades to end at the docks, the boys gained access to the container.

It had been a nervous wait as 4 days passed – time that had been reserved for preparation of the bikes and service gear.

Bruce Garland’s Isuzu team were using this property as their base once again, so there was twice as much activity going on.

While loading the container had been relatively simple – container on the ground, with forklift and side loader truck – the process of unloading required a little bit of creative thought. Work Cover inspectors need not look…

Bruce Garland's D-Max being rolled out on to a tilt-tray truck, held up with forklifts.

The D-Max seeing daylight for the first time in a month.

Tilt-tray truck has driven off from the container and prepares to unload the D-Max

Forklifts now positioned to lift the container clear of the freight truck.

Container ready for lowering.

Engine ready to go into the D-Max. Although it looks "last minute" it is probably not that uncommon due to the lack of access during shipping time.

Happy days as the GHR container is opened for the first time since the beginning of November.

Jacob's bike emerging. Thankfully everything was perfectly intact.

Getting ready to lift off with the forklift.

Pallecons and bikes unloaded.

A little bit of Australia. Come on Aussie!

The boys then got straight down to the final preparations. Scrutineering will be the next step in the next 24 hours.

Getting very close now!