Name: Charlie Ball

Age: 38

Home town: Katanning-Perth

Years riding: 32

Years racing: On and off 20 years

First bike: Honda MR50

What is your most memorable experience on a dirtbike: My older brother and I were racing to a gate from slightly different directions on the farm when we were young once. On this day he misjudged his charge to get in front of me at the end, neither of us pulled up and we collided at the gate.

What’s your favourite MacGyver moment to keep a bike going: Broke handlebars on throttle side during a Pony Express. It was impossible to ride… fixed with tree branch and sticky tape!

Is this your first Safari: Yes

In 10 words or less why have you entered Safari this year: Won’t have to answer a mobile phone for a week!

Aiming for a win, place or finish this year: Place

What else are you expecting from the event this year: Challenge of maintaining concentration and overcoming rider dis-comfort

Anything else you’d like to add: Looking forward to meeting new people, watching the few trying to win and competing with the GHR team.