Name: Glen Grundy

Age: 47

Home town: Witbank, South Africa

Years riding: 18

Years racing: 12

First bike: Honda XR 500 R

What is your most memorable experience on a dirtbike: Entering the Roof of Africa as a complete novice in 1999, and almost killing myself.

What’s your favourite MacGyver moment to keep a bike going: My BMW HP2 blew the rear air shock, and I inserted a spade handle to keep the back up, and drove 400km offroad to get home.

Is this your first Safari: Yes

In 10 words or less why have you entered Safari this year: To experience Rallye-type racing, and broaden my racing horizons.

Aiming for a win, place or finish this year: Aiming for a finish

What else are you expecting from the event this year: To establish a relationship with GHR, hopefully lasting into future events.

Anything else you’d like to add: I am most excited to be coming to Australia, heard about the legendary hospitality, and great sand riding there!