Dakar 2011: Preparation

Linda thought doing her tax was painful


Linda thought doing her tax was painful

While Glenn, Simon and the rest of the crew have been rushing around designing, building, testing and improving the bikes and equipment, somebody needed to deal with the administrative realities of sending 12 people to Dakar. Linda has been an absolute trooper in handling of all the paperwork. The ASO sent the contents of what makes up these two “bibles” which cover nearly every procedure or rule. She knows them pretty much back to front now, and without her perseverance this whole Dakar circus would still be a pipe dream.

GHR Honda CRF450X Rallye, Melbourne Motorcycle Expo 2010

GHR Honda are going to Dakar 2011

GHR Honda CRF450X Rallye
Melbourne Motorcycle Expo 2010

Welcome to the GHR Honda Australia blog.

We are most proud to say that we are now in the closing stages of preparation for what will be the largest single Australian backed team ever to compete in the Dakar Rally moto class.

In the remaining days and weeks leading up to the start of the event, we will continue to bring you updates on the the riders, the team, and the incredible amount of planning required for this monumental event.

Stay tuned for what is bound to be an eventful ride…